13 Actions to Release & Attract Good Energy

  1. Wake up to watch the sunrise at least once or twice a year – preferably from a mountain top or high place.
  2. Drive at the speed limit (or at least not exceeding 10% above the limit) at least one day a week. Just slow down.
  3. Say “goodbye” or “I’ll call you back” to the person on the other end of your phone conversation when at a store counter. Interact with the person serving you. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself and your mindfulness will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Instigate at least one early to bed and early to rise routine a week (if you’re a night owl). The early bird really does catch the worm sometimes!
  5. Call your mum or dad or grandma or grandpa or loved one today. They’re thinking of you.
  6. Smile at a stranger. 
  7. Believe in someone’s dream. Support them in any way you can. Leave your doubts and discouragements in yesterday.
  8. Try a new hobby. Learn a language. Play a new sport.
  9. Volunteer once a month. Somewhere. Anywhere. Give back.
  10. Write and send a handwritten letter. Why? Because it conveys love in such an easy yet effective way. It’s a neglected art, but we can restore it together.
  11. Download a random fun app like Snapchat! Not every moment of your life has to be serious. All work and no play isn’t living.
  12. Give freely of your time, money, positivity, love, kindness, food…  Spread love.
  13. Love passionately, actively and persistently. Love when you don’t feel like loving. Love isn’t easy. Sometimes Love’s actions precedes its feelings. Read Love Does by Bob Goff. He explains this perfectly.


8 thoughts on “13 Actions to Release & Attract Good Energy”

  1. I love believing in someone else’s dream! I feel that more of us should be encouraging one another rather than competing who’s better! Seriously who has time for that- even let a stranger know that he/she can achieve their dream if they truly tried ! I love positive energy like that! Great post!

  2. This is very nice, I like it and I think it speaks volumes to what people need to do. Much of what you say is supported by Positive Psychology, a branch of psychology that looks at human strengths and how they help people thrive and flourish. I wrote a short piece here that echos many of the things you say in your post associated with positive psychology ( Well done!

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