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What I’m Reading, Researching & Reducing

Hi! If you’re looking for book inspo, fun courses to start and a health and beauty science project I’m trialling, here’s a short 60 second post you may enjoy. At the end, I also share one quick thought to inspire you for your week ahead. What I’m reading Ending… Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere (This… Continue reading What I’m Reading, Researching & Reducing

Ask Abs: Is being an athlete your full time job?

Nope, being an athlete is not my full time job.  Even when I wasn’t ‘working’ in terms of curating my career and being paid, even then, I still didn’t do athletics full time.  I’ve been a student-athlete.  I’ve been a working-athlete, i.e. 9-5er. And I’ve been an athlete-preneur. (An athlete and an entrepreneur, in case… Continue reading Ask Abs: Is being an athlete your full time job?

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