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As one of Britain’s top female long jumpers over the past decade, Abigail’s career highlights include achieving a top-8 finish at the 2019 IAAF World Championships and persevering through injuries and setbacks (including retirement) to become British Champion.

Speaker + Coach

Abigail delivers motivational talks and keynotes, courses on wellness, resilience and peak performance and sports coaching.


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New Babies, Homes & Record-Breaking Performances 

Friends and family celebrating weddings deferred in favour of surprise baby announcements. A new home-owner finally closing the deal, signing on the dotted line and getting the keys to live in her first ‘own, owned place’; another friend getting the keys to her first investment property – a home to tear apart, remodel and ‘flip’,…

The Price of Perfection

29 draft blog posts Started. Stopped. Disappointed. Reviewed. Lost my thread. Where to next? A gift of a single, solo mug eschewed. How and where can this fit in my cupboards? I need a pair or 3 or 4. A neat, ordered Christmas table seating… 29. Funny that! 29 drafts, 29 seats. But bums on…

How Britain’s Best Athletes Define Success

18 athletes, coaches and their high performance team consultants feature in this latest episode of the Define Your Success podcast that was released on Tuesday 10th January 2023. The aim is weekly releases each Tuesday, featuring in-depth conversations with Britain’s best athletes – Olympians, Paralympians and their High Performance Teams. I also have guests that…

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