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As one of Britain’s top female long jumpers over the past decade, Abigail’s career highlights include achieving a top-8 finish at the 2019 IAAF World Championships and persevering through injuries and setbacks (including retirement) to become British Champion.

Speaker + Coach

Abigail delivers motivational talks and keynotes, courses on wellness, resilience and peak performance and sports coaching.


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This is a catastrophe! Or is it…?

Who else is someone who, in general, catastrophises? For instance, you have a bad competition opener and immediately your thoughts spiral into how this will be your worst season ever and maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and I’m clearly hanging on too long and oh dear, what if I never jump far…

It’s Competition Time!

I compete tomorrow for the first time in nine months. How do I feel? Nervous.  But then again… because the science tells me the physiological response my body has to the label “nervous” or “nerves” is the same as to the label “excitement” or “excited”, I drop the nerves and pick up excitement only. (NLP…

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