Daniel Fast 2017 – Day One

Beef burgers, steaks, roast chicken, salmon and sea bass, bread, pasta, sweets and chocolates…

It’s that time of year again when I give all of the above up for a whole 21 days! Why? The Daniel Fast (read Daniel 10:3).

This “tradition” began at around the same time last year, as part of my desire to join my Pastor and church in Phoenix, Dream City Church. I quickly discovered the power of this Fast for spiritual development…

Here is what my Day One looked like…

Breakfast: Handful of corn tortilla chips, a few cashew nuts from a near-empty pack in my car, and a red apple.

Being unable to sleep until after 3am, I overslept and dissolved into a manic morning rush where my usual routine was thrown out of the window, including the “eat a proper breakfast” part!


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Lunch was a less rushed, more dignified affair. I lunched at Artisan in Spinningfields, Manchester with friends. I love the place. It’s part of a chain of restaurants with a similar vibe including: The Alchemist (I brunched here on my birthday this year) & Gustos (I dined here as another birthday treat during my birthday week).

Lunch: Kale chips, French fries, three sample salads (cous cous et al., cabbage et al., & beetroot et al.), sparkling water, and water infused with passionfruit and tarragon. I would 100% recommend the beet salad, fries and kale! Everything else I probably won’t order again. Except the sparkling water, of course. You can’t ever go wrong with a bit of sparkle, can you?

Finally…I ate dinner in bed at around 7pm whilst watching my church’s evening service online. After an abysmal breakfast, semi-satisfying lunch and zero snacks, this was the meal I was most looking forward to. And it didn’t disappoint! Praise the LORD!

Due to my hunger (and impatience for the microwave to heat up my main), dinner consisted of three courses:

Starter – tortilla chips and Sainsbury’s hot salsa (1 serving)

Main – Green lentils, boiled sweet potatoes & steamed broccoli.

“Dessert” – 2 tangerines (1 fruit serving).

Day 2 to 21 will hopefully be better. Watch this space…

P.s. I wrote a 21-Day Daniel Fast nutrition plan last year. If you’d like, grab one here!


*This post was written on Sunday 8th January 2017, but I forgot to publish it until now! More posts on the Daniel Fast to follow… 

**Part of the ‘Fabulous Foodie’ series, and the first of 2017.

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