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Akeem Haynes & Shante Little – AKDeluxeMealPrep

ak deluxe meal prep

This focused, creative duo create healthy meal-plans and meals – straight from their kitchen to yours – so you can focus on achieving your nutritional goals for 2016 & beyond.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona.

For information and rates on healthy, tasty customised meal-plans: follow akdeluxemealprep on Instagram or email: or


Akeem Haynes – Love, Life & Legacy

ak book 1.png

‘This book will remind you that there are many ways to deal with life’s tests. It breaks down life into 3 different categories to help cope with everyday life problems. Whether it’s something small or big. Everyone makes mistakes.’ – Akeem Haynes

Get your copy now for only $12.66 on Click here to purchase and be encouraged!


Abigail Irozuru – Elite Personal Tutors

elite personal tutors

Get in touch to become a tutor or if you are a parent or student looking for a tutor.

The Elite Personal Tutors vision is:

  • to create a learning environment filled with passion, energy and engagement;
  • to encourage independent and interdependent thought and learning;
  • to share wisdom and knowledge to empower others to do the same; and
  • to help students achieve their personal and academic success!

Based in England & online.




Ian Warner – Endure: An Athlete’s Guide to Faith, Hope & Success

Endure - the book.png

$19.89 Paperback; $6.99 Kindle. Available to purchase on Amazon. Grab your copy today!

Olympian Ian Warner explains why life is not about winning but about enduring and understanding we are being prepared for God’s purposes. Ian Warner demonstrates the power of endurance through various journeys, personal inspirations, and biblical stories. Fifty athletes share their testimonies and explain the gut-wrenching details of their most difficult athletic experiences.




Jeremy Eckert – Gold Medal Design Gold Medal Design Jer

Gold Medal Design is Regina’s most affordable web design firm, specialising in small business. As a Team Canada track and field athlete, Jeremy knows a lot about what it takes to win. Visit Gold Medal Design for a quote if you want to:

  • Boost marketing success
  • Support your brand
  • Rest happy in the knowledge customers can experience your brand 24/7

Louise Hazel

Check out to achieve your weight management goals today. Louise Hazel Website.png

Louise is a Fully Qualified Fitness Expert, TV Presenter & Olympian. In 2013, Louise founded online weight loss plan The Podium Effect. She has established herself as an authority in the world of health and fitness having created the leading 360 day online solution to weight management.

Shai-Anne Davis – VisuallyShai 

Shai Anne Website.png

Because I grew up really timid, VisuallyShai represents me breaking out of my shell and allows me be open and honest with the world through my work.” – Shai-Anne


Shai-Anne is a Photographer/ Visual Artist.

“I offer literally anything you can think of when it comes to that (from photoshoots to making logos and mixtape covers or advertisements.) VisuallyShai is my presentation to the world to show them there’s a side to me off the track.”

Visit her website to view her work and hire her!

Tori Polk – Polk Apparel

Polk Apparel.png



‘Uniforms made by the athlete for the athlete.’

Polk Apparel’s mission is ‘to provide customers with uniquely designed and custom-made athletic apparel.’

Her uniforms are ‘bold and eye-catching and offer an outlet for her personality and unique sense of style to shine through.’

Get your custom uniforms today on Polk Apparel!

Justyn Warner


Justyn Warner.png

‘You’re a talented artist for an Olympic sprinter!’ I read these words on one of Justyn’s Instagram posts and thought it hit the nail on the head. Yes, we are more than athletes. Check out this talented gent’s artwork on Instagram. (He paints masterpieces.) You will truly be blown away by his attention to detail and level of creativity! Buy one for your own home today.

More to come…


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