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What I’m Reading, Researching & Reducing

Hi! If you’re looking for book inspo, fun courses to start and a health and beauty science project I’m trialling, here’s a short 60 second post you may enjoy. At the end, I also share one quick thought to inspire you for your week ahead.

What I’m reading

Ending… Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere

(This book was a gift. The main gist is this: we are fierce and more powerful than we think, so need to own our power and value to change our world.)

Starting… Revealing Revelation by Amir Tsarfati on the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible. (So far, so good – clear, detailed, thought-provoking with a conversational tone despite some of the complex points the author expounds).

For reference, both of these texts above are gene: Christian literature.

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What I’m researching

  • writing retreats in the UK and abroad, online and in person
  • barista training courses in Manchester
  • sommelier – wine tasting – courses and events in Manchester

Would you like an update on how I rate these different courses? If so, I’ll undoubtedly provide a review at some point.

What I’m reducing

My coffee, tea and teeth-staining-drinks intake.

I still have my morning proper coffee and proper tea. But, in the afternoons and evenings, I’m trying to reduce and replace.

Replacing decaf tea and coffee with hot water (yes – just hot water)…isn’t as horrendous as I thought it’d be!

I’m also trialling this short post format, because I’m aiming to be more consistent with my posting schedule. To do this, I am continually reminding myself that “done is better than perfect” (on some occasions; not all!) which ultimately leads to short, punchy posts.

The One Thing

Finally, in the midst of chopping, changing, adapting and shifting, one thing remains the same: my commitment to and focus on training to maximise my God-given gift to jump far!

(That’s one reason why I won’t be starting a sommelier course for a while, unfortunately haha)

I say that because I think it’s an important reminder for us all to have the one thing that helps to keep us centred and focused, especially in busy and shifting seasons.

Do you have or know your one thing? And is your life streamlined and strategically zoned in on your one thing? If not, I’d encourage you to clarify and define what it is and be all in in your pursuit and commitment to it.

That’s my quick tip for you today.

Be blessed,

~Abs x

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