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Readwise – What’s the point of highlighting when reading?

I’m normally inspired to write by pictures that I find in my camera roll.

But I’ve been so slack lately because, as I may have mentioned in every single post since July/August this year, my phone’s back camera is broken and blurry!

Sad times.

So this will be a short and sweet post (I always promise this, but it rarely ever happens).

What’s inspiring me lately?

I’m really inspired by Tim Ferriss’ 5-Bullet Fridays. He posts these via email directly into your inbox every Friday. They’re so perfect because they are literally bite-size updates of 5 key things that interest him at that moment. They may feature book or app recommendations, positive habits or simply key quotes or interesting photos.

I read these every single time they visit my inbox. No deleting. No archiving. No ‘mark read’. I actually read these emails. They’re THAT good. And I would encourage you to sign up if you like weekly inspiration, to be challenged by new ideas or to try new products and services – free or otherwise.

So…. here’s my favourite introduction so far and I want to share it with you, my lovely reader!


Do you like to read? If you’re visiting my site or are a regular WordPress or other blog site user, I’d imagine you do.

Do you own a Kindle and highlight/note-take prolifically?

If so, here’s one inspired product you just HAVE to try…


“Basically you integrate with Amazon [Kindle], and it sends you a digest every day of 5 to 15 of your past highlights from a random selection of books. […] It also integrates with InstaPaper and Highly so you can grab text from the web. Nice and simple.”

As the homepage asks: “Highlighting is great, but what’s the point if you’re never going to see any of those highlights again?”

And… it’s FREE for 30 days!

Sign up using this link to boost your 30-day trial period (and mine) for AN EXTRA MONTH! YAY! (Copy and paste into browser if you’re having issues: )

giphy spongebob reading

Quote of the Day (thanks to Readwise):

“…while the great is left out in the cold, waiting for them to make room in their lives. In fact, concentrating on merely the good often prevents the great from showing up, simply because there’s no time left in our schedules to take advantage of any additional opportunity. ” – The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

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