Media Highlights

One of the best parts about being an athlete, aside from jumping into a sand pit, travelling the world and meeting new and amazing people all the time – throwing myself out of my comfort zone and getting in front of a camera to be interviewed, interview others and/or share some wisdom and fun!

July 2020

Contributed to Creativity Week on BBC Bitesize Daily with a 2-minute workout snippet at the end of the show highlighting the importance of adaptability in light of the UK Lockdown.

February 2020

British Indoor Championships

Featured on BBC Sport as ‘One to Watch’ during the Indoor British Championships in Glasgow, UK.

September 2019

The Telegraph Interview with Ben Bloom

“Back when she set up her two companies – one as a personal tutoring agency and another to provide motivational coaching – near the end of 2016, Irozuru never envisaged having to balance life as a businesswoman with a long jump career.​

Having officially retired from athletics at the age of 26, she had no plans to ever compete again.” Keep Reading…

March 2019, Management Today Feature

“I had been tutoring and working in schools privately and providing education for different organisations for over 10 years,” she says. “There was a lot of demand and I was getting over-subscribed so it was just a natural progression.” Read more…

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