Sport and Business

I am more than an athlete. Athletes makes great business sense. Podium success, more often than not can equate to business success. Read about 10 separate careers athletes can get into during and post-sports.

Look at George Foreman, the boxer who made a name for himself in the 1968 Olympic games when he knocked out Jonas Čepulis to secure a gold medal. He started his business career several years before retiring, when he introduced the Lean Mean Grilling Machine in 1994. And how about David Lloyd, former professional English tennis player and founder of David Lloyd Tennis Clubs. Still not convinced? Don’t forget about Josh Davis, three-time gold medalist at the 1996 Olympic Games, author & founder of USA Swim Clinics.

Elite overflows; it isn’t a sole feature of one sphere of an athlete’s life. I know these are much-appreciated facts, but in anticipation of my life after (and during) sport, I want to share more on the perks of the athlete life and how skills learned here are transferable to all areas of life. And finally I want to encourage athletes to look beyond their sporting achievements, to provide a platform for business idea-sharing, inspiration, brand-formation and development, and financial freedom.

Welcome to Sport & Business.


Whilst you browse, make time to visit the SUPPORT MY BUSINESS page where you can access information on local athletes’ elite, high-quality business products & services. Thank you.

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