Positive Mantras For Champions 

“Consistency before the breakthrough.” I woke up this morning and whilst wading through the mundane and monotonous of life, this mantra popped in to my head. This is a quote I first heard during an interview with Mikel Thomas, 3x Olympic 110 metre hurdler (read his story for some motivation/inspiration!) I’m not sure whether he coined… Continue Reading →

Being proud is a good thing

Tell somebody you’re proud of them today. “I’m so proud of you”. This is such a powerful sentence. Who are you proud of? What have they done to make you proud? Do you know anybody who is going through the hardest battles and still surviving? Tell them you’re proud of their ability to show up… Continue Reading →

Impossible is Nothing

Steph piped up and said, ‘I want to do that. I’d love to run like that.’ Yet her partner’s response to her enthusiasm killed her hope: ‘you’d never be able to do that!’ And she believed him; she believed that she wasn’t capable. Read how she turned this situation around! #Thisgirlcan

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