AMPLIFY – Peak Performance & Wellness Days

Believe that anything is possible.

Book the AMPLIFY Peak Performance & Holistic Wellness Training Course

(Levels 1 – 3) for individuals, your business, college or university here.


The AMPLIFY Peak Performance & Holistic Wellness Training Program is designed and delivered by world-class British athlete, Law professional, coach and educator, Abigail Irozuru.

AMPLIFY covers:

Leadership & Self-Development

Self-Talk: Empowering Words and Actions

Mindfulness: Self-Awareness & Self-Management

Mental Resilience: Bouncing-back from failure

Intro to NLP & CBT*

Performing under pressure

Stress Management

Goal-Setting, KPIs etc.

A day in the life of a British Champion

& more!

*It will provide you with an introduction to: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Compassion-Based Therapy (CBT) 

The course will also provide you with:

  • AMPLIFY booklet (PDF)
  • AMPLIFY Training Manual Folder
  • Ongoing Support 

To find out more about AMPLIFY, read TESTIMONIALS here.

Thank you for visiting, and have an amazingly blessed day! Book your motivational talk or AMPLIFY below:

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