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  • motivational talks and keynotes,
  • courses on wellness, resilience and peak performance and
  • sports coaching.

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Thanks for the great speech. Thank you for the wealth of information. I love to read and listen to audible books.

I appreciated the download 4D holistic approach to living and the link for Brene Brown on vulnerability.

You could write a book about your experiences.

K Lawton, Kitchell Corporation

Provided motivation and inspiration to be successful. Fantastic speaker who produces results. Knows how to get over set backs and focus on goals.

Saeed, AccountancyPlace


This [AMPLIFY] was a fantastic session for our highest ability Year 12 students which they all enjoyed and took a great deal away from. I would definitely recommend Abigail to schools, colleges, etc to work with students as she is engaging, informative and experienced as well as being able to get her messages across in a fun way. We’ll definitely be inviting her back.

Andy Baker, Deputy Headteacher at Longcroft School

A thoroughly engaging and insightful talk on the real life world of being an elite athlete.

Nicholas Jones, DNA Athletic Academy

Inspires through example!

Mark Woodridge

I love the way Abigail shares her story and despite all she has been through remains positive and believes that ‘the best is yet to come’ . Truly inspirational!

Lavenia, Fiji


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