About me…and AMPLIFY Learning 

I jump for Great Britain. I am the Director of AMPLIFY Learning. I am happy. I am global. I am a traveller. I am a UCL Law graduate. I am a believer in the power of your words to shape your life and future. (Make them positive!)

As one of Britain’s top female long jumpers, over the past decade my career highlights include representing GB at the 2012 European Championships and persevering through injuries and setbacks to become 2015 British Champion.

I am the Director of AMPLIFY Learning Ltd, a business specifically designed to enhance performance, develop resilience and nurture wellness. AMPLIFY Learning engages learners in four ways:

  • Manchester Tutors – we provide private 1-2-1 home tuition and intervention support in schools, colleges and universities for every academic subject from English and Maths to History and Science at all levels (SATS, 11+ exam preparation, GCSE, A-Levels and Undergraduate support for university students) across Manchester. Visit manchester-tutors.co.uk for more information.
  • AMPLIFY Peak Performance, Resilience & Wellness Courses – for businesses, schools, sports teams and individuals. You will receive a tailored half-day or full-day course program designed with your core objectives in mind, with a focus centred on these three elements: creating an environment for consistent peak performance for individuals and teams; fostering resilience for individuals and teams; and strategies for health and wellness to enhance joy and productivity.
  • Motivational Talks & Keynote Speeches – for businesses, schools and events. Talks will always feature a smile, laughter and dynamism. Your audience will even be asked to interact and get involved in some way! Athletes love what they do and bring that same passion and enthusiasm to the stage when sharing their lessons of tragedy and triumph delivered in a way that will undoubtedly captivate your audience. You and your audience will leave motivated and excited for the next phase of work or learning, whether at school or in the workplace.
  • Sports coaching – clubs, private organisations, schools and businesses. You will benefit from the expertise of qualified coaches who are also elite athletes, having represented their country at the highest levels. They offer private 1-2-1 and group classes at the track or in the office (dependent upon the space available). As an example, we could run a physical wellbeing program within your business or offer your school additional support for the GCSE PE curriculum/general PE curriculum.

My clients:

In my capacity as a private tutor and a director of Manchester Tutors, I have worked with:

  • TEMAC – The East Manchester Academy
  • Telligo – Telligo.fr – French-English Language Exchange company
  • Lindamood-Bell Learning Centre, Notting-Hill London for children and adults with learning challenges
  • Learning with Success, London UK

In my capacity as a program facilitator/instructor of the AMPLIFY Peak Performance Course and motivational speaker, I have worked with:

In my capacity as a sports coach, I have or currently work with:

  • DMSF, Diane Modahl Sports Foundation – Community
  • Oldham & Royton Athletics Club
  • UCFB

Culture & Personality

I am continually developing a culture that is friendly and fun, engaging and enthusiastic, and passionate and purposeful about serving others and offering valuable service that inevitably produces success.

I am happy. I always seek to bring a smile to every interaction to such an extent that in one teaching post, I was awarded with the certificate: ‘most likely to make a student smile’. It is a proven fact that we all benefit from learning within a positive emotional environment. Let’s create that together!

I am global. I am a traveller. Travel invites you to experience new cultures, food and people. That is why I travel to new places as often as possible, whether in the UK, Europe or across the globe. I endeavour to share my experiences with others through conversation, blogs and other mediums to teach and inspire.

I am a 2012 UCL Law graduate. I learned from the best and I desire to share that with others. During my years of study, I lived in Aix-en-Provence, France for one year to develop my French-language skills and study the French legal system. Tutoring both Law and French allows me to continue to practice and apply the skills I learned during my time studying at UCL, the fourth best university in the world (2012/13 QS World Rankings), whilst inspiring and equipping the next generation with the tools for learning and fulfilling their potential.

I am a massive believer in the power of your words to shape your life and future. It is my mission to remove ‘can’t’ and ‘impossible’ from my learners’ lips, to help them develop a greater level of self-confidence and belief, to dare them to dream bigger, and to see them make the ‘impossible’ possible.

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