Hi! With all the updates and changes I have been making to my website lately, it’s getting harder and harder to access my past blogs. You can easily follow my Olympic Games Road to Rio journey, my Feature-Friday nutritional updates … Continue reading Blog

Random Ramblings – Stop Judging Yourself!

‘Careful! It’s very hot’ says the warning on the tea cup I’d been drinking out of earlier on the train ride. I love the scenic view through the dirt-bespeckled window from the Virgin Trains First Class window seat. I am enjoying a great deal of space and freedom – because it’s the weekend, and I get free upgrades on the weekend. I’ve been tricked as I look out on the horizon. I see white bags weighted with wheat or something like that, I’d imagine. I thought they were sheep for a hot minute, but they’re not. I’m sure the girl … Continue reading Random Ramblings – Stop Judging Yourself!