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The Price of Perfection

29 draft blog posts Started. Stopped. Disappointed. Reviewed. Lost my thread. Where to next? A gift of a single, solo mug eschewed. How and where can this fit in my cupboards? I need a pair or 3 or 4. A neat, ordered Christmas table seating… 29. Funny that! 29 drafts, 29 seats. But bums on… Continue reading The Price of Perfection

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Excellence with Empathy – Healthy Leadership for Yourself & Your Teams 

I run a business. I’m also a very type-A, hard-as-nails, okay-with-criticism type of person. I see all the faults and all the flaws. I’m hard on myself and others. It’s a little bit of my perfectionistic nature coming through. It’s a toxic trait, perhaps.  But it’s also very helpful. It’s why I’m great* at consulting,… Continue reading Excellence with Empathy – Healthy Leadership for Yourself & Your Teams 

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Two Psychology Tests to Help you Thrive in The Workplace

Directing my employees to take a personality quiz before hiring and during their employment was a game-changer for us all! Three Major Benefits [1] In the most positive of ways, discovering, understanding and practically applying the results of these business psychology quizzes or tests allowed us to interact with each other in a whole new… Continue reading Two Psychology Tests to Help you Thrive in The Workplace

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Mastering Public Speaking & Social Anxiety

This week, I attended a Toastmasters club for the second time in a row. It’s a speaking club where you practice impromptu and rehearsed speeches!  Here’s the format – at  the beginning of the meeting, following introductions, we dive straight into ‘table topics’ – an opportunity to practise impromptu public speaking based on an unknown… Continue reading Mastering Public Speaking & Social Anxiety


Pursuing the Perfect 

Perfectionism stops you from starting, it stops you from finishing, it scares you into believing the lies that you’re not good enough and what you do isn’t good enough. Perfectionism robs you not only of completion, but also of peace. Because peace is found in completion. Perfectionism is wanting to post a perfect blog yet… Continue reading Pursuing the Perfect 

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Are you good enough?

I’m not good enough as I am. What’s my gimmick? What’s my USP? What thing can I find about myself or my story to draw clients in? Obviously I need a gimmick or USP because, by myself, I’m not good enough. What’s the lie you’ve been telling yourself that has been limiting you or your… Continue reading Are you good enough?


Battling Perfectionism with ‘Good Enough’

Once again I’m fighting this battle with fear, perfectionism and shame. I can’t write about this or that because I’m afraid it won’t be good enough or it won’t resonate with my readers. Why am I writing anyway? Who even wants to read my blog? I’ve already highlighted my desire to overcome perfectionism and the… Continue reading Battling Perfectionism with ‘Good Enough’

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Overcoming Perfectionism

Initially I wondered: Perfectionism: Is it a blessing or a curse? But I quickly answered that question in a matter of seconds – it’s certainly not a blessing for me! There is a preponderance of negative words associated with perfectionism when mentioned in conversation or in relation to attitudes and behaviours. Recently, there has been… Continue reading Overcoming Perfectionism