Overcoming Perfectionism

Initially I wondered: Perfectionism: Is it a blessing or a curse? But I quickly answered that question in a matter of seconds – it’s certainly not a blessing for me! There is a preponderance of negative words associated with perfectionism when mentioned in conversation or in relation to attitudes and behaviours. Recently, there has been… Continue Reading →

Pursuing the Perfect 

Perfectionism stops you from starting, it stops you from finishing, it scares you into believing the lies that you’re not good enough and what you do isn’t good enough. Perfectionism robs you not only of completion, but also of peace. Because peace is found in completion. Perfectionism is wanting to post a perfect blog yet… Continue Reading →

Are you good enough?

I’m not good enough as I am. What’s my gimmick? What’s my USP? What thing can I find about myself or my story to draw clients in? Obviously I need a gimmick or USP because, by myself, I’m not good enough. What’s the lie you’ve been telling yourself that has been limiting you or your… Continue Reading →


Hi! With all the updates and changes I have been making to my website lately, it’s getting harder and harder to access my past blogs. You can easily follow my Olympic Games Road to Rio journey, my Feature-Friday nutritional updates and healthy tips page (The Fabulous Foodie), the Motivational Stories monthly features, and the Business… Continue Reading →

Impossible is Nothing

Steph piped up and said, ‘I want to do that. I’d love to run like that.’ Yet her partner’s response to her enthusiasm killed her hope: ‘you’d never be able to do that!’ And she believed him; she believed that she wasn’t capable. Read how she turned this situation around! #Thisgirlcan

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