The Fabulous Foodie

I am a major foodie! If I’m not eating food, I’m thinking about food, and if I’m not thinking about food, I’m dreaming about food, and if I’m not… well you get the picture. I do love food – but I’m also, rather antithetically, a pretty picky eater! YET, thanks to my great passion for… Continue Reading →

New Lush Lentil Dish! 

There’s no way in a million years you’d ever make a dish with avocados, butternut squash, tomatoes and lentils in it and eat it let alone call it a ‘meal’, right?! I thought the same thing at one point too; yet right now, I’m about to go further than my wildest expectations and actually RECOMMEND this… Continue Reading →

Daniel Fast 2017 – Day One

Beef burgers, steaks, roast chicken, salmon and sea bass, bread, pasta, sweets and chocolates… It’s that time of year again when I give all of the above up for a whole 21 days! Why? The Daniel Fast (read Daniel 10:3). This “tradition” began at around the same time last year, as part of my desire… Continue Reading →

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