How to Live with Confidence

My word for this week is 'Authority'. I'm reading in the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) about how Jesus cast out demons, healed the sick and came against every negative word or thought with an authority that surprised people. He was able to do that because he knew he was and is the Son... Continue Reading →

Monte Gordo, Portugal – Sun, Sea & Sand

Portugal, it's been real! If rejuvenation and restoration is the aim of your brief encounter with sea, sand and sunshine, here is your travel guide to the Algarve in Portugal, specifically Monte Gordo, a small town beside Villa Real de St Antonio by the Guadiana River. It's beautiful and will certainly do the trick. The Aparthotel... Continue Reading →

How to save a friend

It’s funny how people – friends and family – may be going through the darkest tunnels and yet you can be so clueless to their struggle. It’s not funny. It’s horrible. It’s so sad because suddenly you feel like you’re trying to pull your friend out of this huge chasm but it’s harder when they’re... Continue Reading →

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