Can we all be inspirational? 

A few years ago I was inspired by a Christian woman who came up to me - a perfect stranger - on the London underground tube to ask me if she could pray for healing and peace for my injured leg. At first I found it strange and uncomfortable...

The Un-Perks of Being A Drama Queen

With this whole #traingate fiasco between Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn vs Richard Branson of Virgin Trains I can’t help but think this all could have been avoided if Jeremy too had read that ACE workbook…

2 Quick Tips To Overcome Challenges

So my Road To Rio (Olympic Games Journey) ended in tears in Texas on 30th April this year with an achilles tendon rupture. And two weeks later it was replaced with my Road to Recovery. And since then, that journey has not been easy. It has been littered with tears, tantrums and confusion (still is,... Continue Reading →

Defeat Disappointment with Faith 

I don't want disappointment to silence us. But that's what is so often does. Whether for one moment, an hour, weeks, months or years, disappointment disempowers our ability to speak life into our dreams; it silences our hope. Well, at least that's what my experience has been. After my disappointment this year in May 2016,... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary, Legend’s Week 

I'm keeping myself really busy lately which means I am not following through very well on this commitment to regularly update my blog posts. But I'm back now for as long as time permits and I am creating space and time to share my week with you.... And what an incredible week it has been.... Continue Reading →

My New Daily Prayer 

Jesus was born in a stable. Yet became the Saviour of the world. From terrifying & humble beginnings to being resurrected and eternally worshiped, there's a reason for it all. Don't be afraid of the pain. This is my prayer in the storm of confusion, in the midst of the 'Why me, why now, whyyyyyyy?" You can use it too! God's got us.

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