The Frugal Foodie – Budget Dining Out

Obviously I’m often wary about how much I’m spending because I am definitely living on a massively frugal budget right now, but I do believe in trying new foods and food combos as often as possible. Although one of my new friends from Phoenix may not agree; he coaxes me to eat a new item every time we eat out and I take a lot of persuading. I am less than adventurous and live[d] by the mantra: ‘I know I don’t like it by the way it looks!’ Continue reading “The Frugal Foodie – Budget Dining Out”

Workout Wednesday

What better way to kick off my Olympic Games Road to Rio 2016 diary than by joining in on the Workout Wednesday vibe!

This is inspired by the love my family, friends, followers and supporters have shown to a recent video post of me practising what I love – running and jumping. Visit my Instagram to watch this 15 second slow motion video of me perfecting my trade. Continue reading “Workout Wednesday”

What’s In Your Kitchen?

I baked banana bread the other day for a friend and was able to set aside a small amount for my housemate and I to share. SLIGHT ERROR. Sadly my willpower was not strong enough to stop me from eating a slither small chunk each and every time I walked through the kitchen. Thankfully, there wasn’t a lot there to begin with!

That’s why I wonder, what’s in your kitchen? Because if it is sweets, chocolates, candies, popcorn, sweet bread, cakes, sodas, and other sugary unhealthy snacks and foods, you’re making your heathy-eating mission 100x harder! I’m working towards the Olympic Games and the see food, eat food diet is still very real. If it’s in the house, it’s hard to resist the temptation, so it’ll probably get devoured. The best plan of action? Don’t  even allow unhealthy foods into your shopping cart! Continue reading “What’s In Your Kitchen?”

Impossible is Nothing

There is power in affirmations, thought and self-belief; they either create space for action, potential success, and abundant living or hold you back in inaction, fruitlessness, and loss. But how do you choose progress and success?

Your ‘I can’t’ belief-system will hamper your progress for as long as you allow it. One of my Meetup Group participant’s story provides us with a perfect example to illustrate the power of negative beliefs, thoughts and words: Continue reading “Impossible is Nothing”