Welcoming 2016

From a fellow athlete in Phoenix, Arizona and beautiful-spirited friend. She’s also on a Paralympic Games Road to Rio 2016 mission!

Lacey Henderson

Before the New Year I wanted to get a quick D&M (deep and meaningful) blog upon reviewing 2015 and all that has passed.

It was another year of transition, a little turmoil and a lot of learning. For me, the year was full of emotions and at times felt incredibly treacherous.

It was a sea with violent waters and while I fought, struggled, and somehow managed to keep my head above the water. (At least what feels like enough to survive.) I’m so glad that 2016 offers such hope and honestly homeostasis where the same crashing waters will calm and I will find solace in the new norms I’ve made and accepted for myself.

2015 was a year of gratitude for my family, and the families I have made for myself throughout my life. I learned that, as humans, the families we are born into often unintentionally create shaky foundations…

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The Power of Happy

I ask myself: 'I am happiest when...?' so I can find out and do that thing, and laugh. When are your most sorrowful moments and how do you pick yourself up and keep smiling?

Impossible is Nothing

Steph piped up and said, ‘I want to do that. I’d love to run like that.’ Yet her partner’s response to her enthusiasm killed her hope: ‘you’d never be able to do that!’ And she believed him; she believed that she wasn’t capable. Read how she turned this situation around! #Thisgirlcan

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